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Crewel affords the individual needleartist a tremendous amount of freedom to be part of the creative process and amend or adapt designs to better suit one's purposes.

Crewel is not limited to adorning cushions or hanging framed on walls. Because the original cartoon is a simple line drawing, the needleartist is, with the aid of tracing vellum, free to create a range of related designs for a variety of purposes.
To illustrate some of the many variations possible from a single design, we provide at left the cartoon for the TALLIAFERRO Royal Persian Blossom design. 

In its original iteration, below, it is well-suited for a cushion or a framed work.  Enlarged by one-quarter to one-half, it is suitable to adorn the upholstery of a large ottoman/coffee table.
By extrapolating the right-hand stem, as seen at left, leaf, and small blossoms, one may create  a smaller work that  is apt for decorating a number of home accessories, such as a tea cozy, or worked as small, mirror-image decorative pillows (below).
Tracing paper and access to a copier with the capacity to reduce and enlarge allows the needleartist to inject her or his own imagination and adapt and amend designs for a wide variety of purposes.
By doubling and marrying the twisted stem motif, one can adorn anything from the yoke of a dress to the upholstery of a loveseat, depending upon how large or small the pattern is sized.
If one duplicates the entire original design, then flips the duplication and marries it to the original, one creates a dramatic work that is suitable for a wall hanging, table runner, or a tall chair back--breathtaking however one applies it.
By doubling and then twisting the stem motif, one has created a marvelous design for drapery tie-backs.
By quadrupling the original design one has an impressive large design, suitable for a canopy or duvet cover.
Quadrupling the chrysanthemum motif makes for a truly stunning upholstered headboard for a bed or the back of a loveseat.
Another example of interesting ways to adapt a design is with the TALLIAFERRO Mum for Ethelene pattern. As originally drawn, at left, it is a lovely small piece suitable for framing, a tea cozy, or a decorative pillow.
By doubling the design and reversing the duplicate at the blossom of the original, one creates a more dramatic work.
Some designs, like TALLIAFERRO's La Rose Porcelaine at left, can be easily adapted to create several different coordinated pieces for  use in a themed room. For example, the original design, below left, makes a lovely framed piece.
Doubling the design creates a lovely wreath suitable for a chair back or seat, or an ottoman, while isolating a single blossom can be useful for a tea cozy or mirror back, or any other small object.
Adaptation of a design is easy, and the rewards of playing with a pattern, or parts of a pattern, or even mixing and matching parts of several patterns, are great. You become the designer and your resulting work means even more for your creative input.