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A preview of upcoming TALLIAFERRO designs
in the production pipeline.

Image Size:  12" x 14-1/2"

Inspired by a design on a 13th century tiled wall found in northern Turkey, this pattern celebrates the sinuous line and brilliant color so loved by those living in arid countres, where lush artificial gardens are woven into carpets and textiles and painted upon tiles and crockery in response to the dun and taupe landscape.

Worked on Legacy Montrose Linen in 8 shades of Appleton Brothers Crewel yarn.

Image Size:  13" x 10-1/8"

D'Adinolfi came out of a lecture for the local EGA chapter on "The Designer in You," demonstrating how people who feel they have no artistic or design skill can develop a beautiful crewel design by adapting motifs from everyday decorative items and creating a new, original design.

To demonstrate how easily this can be done, I pulled together some rather static elements: a bird from the comforter on my bed, a nest and eggs from the lid of a yard sale stoneware box, and foliage from a plate shard, played around with them, and brought them together into a cohesive work that was distinctly mine.

The assignment particularly pleased me as it allowed me to explore a more fluid and realistic line for the bird than is found in most traditional crewel. 

D'Adinolfi is being worked on Crewel Work Company linen twill in 27 shades of Appleton Brothers crewel yarn.

Image Size:  17-1/4" x 13"

Chloe was inspired by photos of wood carvings on the doors and gates of shrines and holy places taken by a friend while on an extensive trip through northern China.

Begun as a rather unsatisfactory painted study of a lotus in the Chinese style, the design kept insisting it was needlework. It finally found its proper expression as a crewel work, combining delicate natural shading of the blossom in long and short stitch with a highly stylized treatment of the leaves in buttonhole and stem stitch in dissonant colors.The writhing movedment of the leaves seves to emphasize the tranquil stillness of the lotus at the center. 

Chloe is being worked on Crewel Works linen twill in 21 shades of Appleton Brothers Crewel yarn. 

Image Size:  10" x 16"

Scarlet Rievaulx was originally created as a commissioned design for a piano bench cushion and was twice the length of the pattern shown here. Conversation with the client revealed  a fondness for Yorkshire, and for the melancholy ruins of Rievaulx Abbey in particular, and it was with memories of a perfect day spent at Rievaulx and the brilliant colors of the English Renaissance that this pattern was created.

Worked on antique linen twill in 9 shades of Appleton Brothers Crewel yarn.