A sampling of  award-winning
T A L L I A F E R R O original crewel designs.

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Crewel, as with other art forms, is infused with the creator's thoughts and emotions, from the time the idea first occurs and throughout the work bringing it to fruition.

These form the story behind a work, and needleartists are particularly given to relating these stories to each other while viewing the work and, in that tradition, the stories of these works are included here.

Image Size:  12" x 13-5/6"

This was inspired by a photo in The Royal School of Needlework Embroidery Techniques of a single motif illustrating the skill of a particular needleartist. The skill with which the motif was worked was utterly breathtaking, but the color palette resonated even more strongly.

The resulting floral design in that palette is in the High Persian style with a succulent blossom growing from a sinuous stem with secondary leaves and bud. Drawing upon the vibrant vocabulary of Persian floral motifs common to ancient carpets, tiles, and porcelain, the design offers the needleartist an excellent opportunity to explore a variety of crewel techniques.

Worked on antique linen twill in 20 shades of Appleton Brothers Crewel yarn and took approximately 70 hours to complete.


Image Size:  15" x 12-3/4"

We adapted an original wallpaper pattern to create an embroidery intended to upholster the back of a small loveseat, but was framed upon completion instead.

A dramatic example of Anglo-Persian style, it combines motifs at home in shimmering. jewel-toned carpets with a sinuous, elegant line that pays homage to the magical gardens  blossoming in the bare warp and woof  threads of the ancient rug weavers' looms.

Worked on Legacy Plantation Linen in 22 shades of Appleton Brothers Crewel yarn.
1st place, Original Crewel, Woodlawn Annual Needlework Exhibition, 2008
1st place, Original Crewel, Kenmore Needlework Exhibition, 2008
1st place, Original Crewel, Montpelier Needlework Exhibition, 2008
People's Choice Award, Kenmore Needlework Exhibition, 2008
Honorable Mention, Original Crewel, Woodlawn Annual Needlework Exhibition, 2008