To be an artist is to make a lifelong

Many people have kept me
company along the way, some for
only a few important steps, and
others for tractless hard miles.

A handful of my fellow travelers
fed my soul, sacrificing of themselves
to do so; while others gave the precise
right word at the exact moment when it made
the difference between going on or giving up.  All are important and all need to be acknowledged--and are, in the crowded, chaotic tenement that is my heart.

A few, however, must be mentioned here:

Marcia Kaplin, David Goiser, Robin Nobling, Sue Jennings, Mary Corbet of Needle n' Thread, Jo Thomson of Cetera Advisor Networks, Jan Reed of The Wooly Thread, Judy Purdum,
Haroon and Family, Kimber Helms, and Sara Leigh Merrey.

Thank you all for believing, even if just for a little while. It was enough.
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