TALLIAFERRO began in 2009 as an online portfolio of crewel
embroidery by Northern Virginia surface designer, Anna Garris Goiser.

"The website was pretty much by invitation only and I didn't have
anybody to invite, so practically nobody even knew it was there," says
Anna.  "Even I didn't pay much attention to it once it was up."

In early 2011, an embroidery enthusiast stumbled upon the site and wrote of it 
in her blog.  She sent the link to renowned Internet hand embroidery educator,
Mary Corbet, who subsequently wrote of it in her daily email newsletter and provided a link.

Over the course of the next twenty-four hours, the TALLIAFERRO website received almost
1400 hits and a blizzard of emails from needleworkers and embroidery shops all over the world requesting patterns for the images on the site.

"Patterns?" Anna exclaims.  "There were no patterns--I didn't even have a product! Ididn't have the foggiest idea of how to go about writing instructions for my designs, not ever having been one to take the time to read instructions for anything, but I sat down at my little Mac and went to work trying to figure it all out--and fast!" 

​Anna published her first four patterns four months later, and TALLIAFERRO was born as a business.

"TALLIAFERRO has been a miracle to me," Anna says.  "I am continually astounded and humbled that my designs resonate with so many people in so many countries around the world.  I design from the heart--it's deeply personal.  The people who purchase my patterns stitch from the heart, too, so there is this visceral, unspoken bond I feel between us.  It is so gratifying to be able to contribute to their creation of significant, timeless, and treasured works.

All images and text appearing on this website are copyrighted by T A L L I A F E R R O and may not be downloaded, reproduced, or used in any fashion without the written permission of the creator.